Specialty Activities

Air Riflery

In Air Riflery, campers ages 10 and younger receive careful instruction about how to handle and fire BB guns. They learn range commands and procedures to ensure the highest level of safety. Campers practice the skills they have learned on the range and shoot traditional BB gun targets or perhaps a can of Cheerwine for a little extra fun.

Our goal with Air Riflery is to help campers comprehend the seriousness of proper BB gun handling and safety practices while helping them feel comfortable during shooting practice. Campers learn how to determine that a BB gun is safe to use and are reminded to handle firearms as though they could fire at any time. Guns are checked daily for proper operation.

Why Air Riflery?

Air Riflery at Camp Rockmont is structured to be a safe, positive, and supportive experience. Like Trap Shooting and Riflery, Air Riflery instills a sense of confidence in campers and allows them to learn how to safely operate a firearm.

Bible Study Story Lab

In this fresh take on Bible Study, campers will see the Scriptures come alive as we go deeper into the Biblical Story and other modern stories inspired by the Scriptures. We’ll explore how the story of redemption is revealed in the Scriptures through history, poetry, parable, adventure, and love. Campers will see the stories come alive in an inspiring outdoor setting in ways that are always pointing their own stories back to the good news of the Bible. In addition to the Bible, campers will also have the opportunity to read and discuss other great stories and writings from C.S. Lewis to Martin Luther King Jr., whose own inspiration has been greatly informed by the Scriptures. This is not your average classroom. Open to all ages.


Blacksmithing is offered at a beginner to intermediate level for boys ages 13 and older. During blacksmithing lessons, campers use a hammer and anvil to transform metals into artistic creations. Participants also learn about the science of the craft as they create alloys by hammering different types of metals together for a unique effect.

This skill teaches fundamental blacksmithing techniques, allowing campers to progress at their own pace. A one-to-one ratio at the forge (the furnace used to heat the metal objects) ensures individual attention and enhanced camper safety.

Why Blacksmithing?

Blacksmithing requires careful attention to detail that offers a rewarding finished product. The young men who take part in blacksmithing at Camp Rockmont take incredible pride in the quality and creativity of their work. The challenge and process of transforming such a durable medium as iron gives our students a powerful boost in confidence.

About the Blacksmithing Instructor

Blacksmithing is instructed by Cole Aurichio, a student at Warren Wilson College. Through our partnership with Warren Wilson over the years, we have been fortunate to work with students like Cole who excel in their field and bring an extra attention to detail and craft that are critical in leading an intricate skill like Blacksmithing.


Learn gun safety and care, proper aiming and shooting technique, and then shoot for ranks.


Campers who choose Rocketry as a skill will have the opportunity to build their own rocket and launch it high above Camp Rockmont. The thrill increases as they take a front row seat to their fellow campers’ launches as well. This activity is offered to campers ages 9 and up, and rocket kits are available for a variety of skill levels.

To ensure the highest level of safety during launch, campers are guided carefully by our staff throughout the construction of their rockets. Campers are also encouraged to help one another troubleshoot problems in a creative, positive environment.

Once a rocket has been built, it can be launched repeatedly. Campers may take their rockets home and continue the hobby with just a few additional parts from a local hobby store.

Why Rocketry?

Rocketry requires campers to read instruction manuals while also leaving space for their creative juices to flow. The skill helps campers build independence, patience, and self-control, while also encouraging measured risk-taking.

About the Rocketry Instructor

Rocketry is instructed by Kathy Franklin, who has been teaching at Camp Rockmont for more than a decade. Kathy works as a teaching assistant at an elementary school during the winter months.

When she’s not at school or at camp, Kathy enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren and participating in Bible study.

Trap Shooting

Trap shooting is one of the three traditional disciplines of clay pigeon shooting and is considered one of the most technically challenging facets of recreational and competitive shooting.

This skill is available for campers ages 13 and older and caters to all skill levels. And because ensuring camper safety is our highest priority, we carefully assess firearms experience and maturity level throughout the skill training.

During trap shooting instruction, campers learn to use shotguns to shoot at aerial moving targets. Campers will master a solid foundation of firearms safety and gain exposure to proper shooting technique. Campers also have the opportunity to earn a ranking certificate from the NRA based on their skill level upon completion.

Please note that trap shooting does require an additional fee.

Why Trap Shooting?

Trap shooting imparts a newfound confidence in campers. Learning to safely and proficiently operate a firearm gives campers a great sense of pride, satisfaction and achievement.

About the Trap Shooting Instructor

Trap shooting is instructed by Rob Senna, who gained experience in shooting and firearm safety while serving as a search and rescue boat captain and boarding officer in the United States Coast Guard during tours in Oregon and Alaska. Rob currently holds a certification for firearms instruction.

Rob resides in Black Mountain, NC, with his wife Donna and his three children, all of whom attend camp at Rockmont. Rob enjoys mountain biking, live music and hiking with his family.

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