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Where will you make a difference in the world next summer? It could be at summer camp!

So let us tell you about our community. We strive to be…

A Growth-Minded Community

In a word, our mission is GROWTH. We encourage and promote the positive physical, emotional, social, and spiritual development of each camper and staff member. We believe that staff are most effective in helping campers grow when they, themselves, engage their own personal development. As each member is encouraged to do this, together we create a community that embraces challenge, enjoys effort, and celebrates the journey of learning rather than simply knowing. In essence, we help one another to grow and flourish.

A Welcoming Community

Each summer, Rockmont hires over 200 individuals from many parts of the world to work with our campers in various roles. They come with unique perspectives, talents, experiences, identities, and leadership styles. Our objective is to live with a wide embrace – to be interested in others enough to get to know them and learn from them, to celebrate and respect our differences, and to demonstrate compassion for everyone – all as we unite our focus on our common work and purpose.

A Fully-Connected Community

Rockmont has a rich community culture, and that’s possible because we commit to being fully connected. The relationships we build are vital to our mission. We value face-to-face interactions, holy and respectful conversations, careful listening, and playing together. These are best accomplished when we choose to be fully present with the people around us. All residential staff work without their cell phones and other devices (laptops, tablets, iPods, etc.), only using them on scheduled days off and nights off!

A Hard-Working Community

Serving on staff involves hard work, long hours, and selflessness. That’s because we’re doing work that matters! It requires each person to focus their time and energy well, but also to be flexible. We hire staff members who take ownership of their work, people who are creative, problem-solvers, and who bring a joyful attitude to each work day, even those days that might include mundane or repetitive activities – staff who are eager to do their part in making Rockmont a stronger program. The days are full but rewarding because we’ve poured ourselves, but there’s much to celebrate at the end of each day because we’ve poured ourselves into the important work of growing campers and supporting one another.

An Incredibly Fun Community

From running hard during tribal activities, to singing loudly at Evening Watch, to laughing around the lunch table, to exploring Western North Carolina on your time off, there’s no limit to the fun you can experience over the course of a summer. Here’s a glimpse of all the fun from our past summer:

Staff Travel Schedule

Location Date Time Host Director(s)
Clemson University Sat, Oct 7 6:00pm Staff Prospect Dinner Dan
Univ of Florida Mon, Oct 9 6:30pm Florida Staff Prospect Dinner Dan
NC State Univ Wed, Oct 11 5:30pm Mama Jee Thai Restaurant Shawn
NGU Job Fair Thur, Oct 12 11:00am Dining Hall until 2pm Shawn
Wheaton College Mon, Oct 30 TBD Staff Prospect Dinner Stan
Univ of Florida Thur, Dec 7 10:00am Staff Interviews Dan
Warren Wilson Col. Thur, Feb 1 11:00am Gladfelter until 1:00pm Shawn
Clemson Univ Mon, Feb 12 9:30am Hendrix until 1:00pm Dan
App State Univ Wed, Feb 14 10:00am Student Union until 2pm Dan/Shawn

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