Camp Rockmont Travel Schedule

Rockmont Home Shows & Staff Events

One of the highlights of the coming months is the opportunity to tell the Rockmont story in the homes of our camp families! Let us know if you have neighbors or friends that you would like to introduce to Rockmont, and we would be glad to talk with you about hosting a home show. Give us a call at 828-686-3885 or e-mail us at

We also travel to schools and church groups to teach and lead discussions on male development themes and rites of passage. Please let us know if you would like for us to come visit your community group!

We hope to see you soon as we hit the road!

Call us at (828) 686-3885 for contact and RSVP details for any of these events.  Staff events are italicized.

Location Date Time Host Director(s)
Dallas, TX Sun, Sept. 9 4:00pm The Beaird Family Dan
Huntsville, AL Sun, Sept. 9 6:00pm The Perkins Family Andrew
Greensboro, NC Mon, Sept. 10 6:30pm The Moody Family Stan & Shawn
Houston, TX Mon, Sept. 10 6:30pm The Cockrell Family Dan
Winston-Salem, NC Wed, Sept. 12 6:00pm The Elrod Family Shawn & Stan
San Antonio, TX Wed, Sept. 12 Evening The Fuller Family Dan
Corpus Christi, TX Thurs, Sept. 13 Evening The Liles Family Dan
Charlotte, NC Tues, Sept. 18 6:30pm The Brooks Family Dan & Andrew
Knoxville, TN Tues, Sept. 18 6:00pm The Haun Family Shawn & Stan
Greenville, NC Thurs, Sept. 20 6:30pm The Bibb Family/Furman University Campus, Daniel Chapel Dan & Andrew

We’re also looking for life-giving staff members. Meet us for a meal to learn about jobs at Camp Rockmont.

Location Date Time Host Director(s)
Texas A&M Sat, Sept 8 Lunch Staff Prospect Dinner Dan
Berry College Tues, Sept 11 10:30am – 2:30pm Krannert Center Andrew
NC State University Tues, Sept 11 6:00pm Players Retreat Shawn & Stan
Birmingham Southern College Wed, Sept 12 7:30pm Newk's on Arrington Andrew
University of Texas Tues, Sept 11 6:30pm Gordough's Dan