Catalyst Staff

Mentors, Elders, and the Coordinator for the Catalyst Leadership Training Program are mature men who have been initiated into a life of service toward others. They have a desire to see 16-17 year olds make a healthy transition from boyhood to manhood. Their leadership requires wisdom, passion, and the ability to hold ground throughout the challenges this program presents.

*Resident position for males
*Minimum age 21; Base Pay: $225/week
*Required Certification: First Aid, though WFA or WFR is preferred

*Resident position for males
*Minimum age 25; Base Pay determined individually

*Resident position for males
*Minimum age 25; Base Pay determined individually
*Required Certification: WFR

Full Season Bonus
Residential, weekly-salaried staff members who work the Full Season will earn an additional $250 at the end of the summer. Does not apply to first year CCUSA and Camp Leaders staff.

Early Signing Bonus
Returning staff who submit a completed application by November 27 AND return a signed Full Season Contract, postmarked by December 31, 2017, will receive a $150 bonus. US staff will be mailed a check in January 2018. CCUSA and Camp Leaders staff will have their Early Signing Bonus added to their end-of-summer paychecks.

Recruiting Bonus
Returning staff will earn an additional $150, paid at the end of the summer, for each new Full Season residential staff member that is hired as a result of your referral. Does not apply for CCUSA or Camp Leaders staff.

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